Joris Borgdorff

data × simulation × visualization


What tools do we need to understand the world and improve it?

How do we plan for emergencies like a fire and respond to them? What are effective medical interventions? What can we learn from a large text corpus?

These are broad questions that I design data models and computer simulations for. Then I write software to compute and visualize a simplified answer.

I use Javascript, Python, and Scala a lot. In the years, I also coded Java, R, C, C++, PHP, Perl, bash, Haskell, MATLAB and Mathematica. I started coding at home with a Linux server compiled from scratch. Since, I frequently use clusters, supercomputers, cloud and now Docker and Apache Spark. Results are visualized with interactive websites and flexible Jupyter Notebooks.

See my LinkedIn profile for a full CV. My PhD thesis, Distributed Multiscale Computing, is about distributing the computations of component-based simulation code. During my PhD research, I was head developer of the multi-lingual distributed simulation engine MUSCLE 2. Other software I co-authored can be found on my GitHub account.